The Matrix

I jus’ finished with a new group today and I loved every min of it. There were people in this particular group that I could relate to wholeheartedly. While I can’t speak of specifics due to confidentiality, I can tell you it’s a group of addicts. We are all one in some form or another. […]

This is me : Part 1

When I was a little girl I always felt out of place. Even in my own family, with whom I shared a home with my entire life. Being picked on and made fun of in school didn’t help me at all. I’ve been in counseling since grade school and it’s become a part of my […]

There I am

Sometimes I feel like my mind is a deep, dark forest. With anxiety setting in I realize I’m lost in the middle. Not being able to find my way out, I start to panic and my breathing becomes rapid. I look up at the huge trees towering above my head. They’re branches swaying with the […]

My Motivation is Back!!!

I don’t quite remember if I’ve posted a blog about me feelin stuck in a rut when it came to me workin on the book I’m tryin to write. Well, I told myself to open it up and look over the things I had already written but only as possible ideas to add to the […]

Frustrated As Fuck

I don’t know what the fuck my husband was on this morning but he either wasn’t all the way awake, or wasn’t fucking thinking! I can tell you that much for damn sure. He came an woke me up setting my coffee on my tray. He made sure I was awake before walking out. A […]

Nothing except pain

For the past week, give or take a day or two. I have felt nothing but pain. Greg and I went out to get a sandwich. I can’t eat without knowing I have a dental pick close by. Because I can’t stand when food gets in between these two specific teeth on my upper left […]

Part 1: Forgiving Yourself …

WARNING: There are a lot of ‘trigger’ words in what you are fixing to read. Just being sure to give a heads-up in case you’d rather not read about someone else’s drug use. How’s that for an eye catcher of a title? Last week at my session with my counselor. She’d given me an assignment […]

Hangin Wit My Homies Again…

I went to the clinic yesturday. I go on Tuesdays now. Anyways… I was leaving or walking out to smoke a cig from group for a sec, when I saw my good friend ‘S’. I ran straught to her and her to me. I cried so hard because a cetain someone caused a lot of […]

How Time Flies So Quickly…

Time is a very interesting subject. To me anyways. For example : It doesn’t seem to me that my grandson should be already be a month old. But he is. She had plans on moving in with her boyfriend after she had Lukah, but she never told me. Not even a clue. When I asked […]

Sitiin at my Besties. My Sandra Boo.

I couldn’t stand being in the house another minute. Husband and son both sleep. I’m up by myself. Alone in my bedroom calling my neighbor over and over again. I forgot her phone doesn’t ring it only vibrates. So when her cell isn’t in her hand she’s not gonna know if she’s receiving an incoming […]