Nothing except pain

For the past week, give or take a day or two. I have felt nothing but pain. Greg and I went out to get a sandwich. I can’t eat without knowing I have a dental pick close by. Because I can’t stand when food gets in between these two specific teeth on my upper left […]

Good Morning All

I told myself yesterday I was gonna start trying to come to work a lil early. That way I could do whatever I like doing before work in the mornings, and I wouldn’t be late. Thats pretty much why I’m late anyways. Because I’m doing something creative like writing, coloring, or drawing to express my […]

Karma – Is Very Real…

I wonder how many ppl actually believe in karma. I just know I do. 100% I’ve done some wrongs in my life, and i’ll be damned if karma doesn’t always make her appearance to take a huge bite outta my ass cheek. (seeing that my ass is flat enough already, I can’t afford to keep […]

“Things That Make You Go, Hmm…”

I sometimes sit back and just pay attention to my surroundings, and the other people around, if any. I hear bits and peices of others conversations, and can’t believe half the bullshit they are spitting out of their mouths. I can say it’s bullshit because it’s people I know, and I know 100%, with everything […]

Hangin Wit My Homies Again…

I went to the clinic yesturday. I go on Tuesdays now. Anyways… I was leaving or walking out to smoke a cig from group for a sec, when I saw my good friend ‘S’. I ran straught to her and her to me. I cried so hard because a cetain someone caused a lot of […]

How Time Flies So Quickly…

Time is a very interesting subject. To me anyways. For example : It doesn’t seem to me that my grandson should be already be a month old. But he is. She had plans on moving in with her boyfriend after she had Lukah, but she never told me. Not even a clue. When I asked […]

Sitiin at my Besties. My Sandra Boo.

I couldn’t stand being in the house another minute. Husband and son both sleep. I’m up by myself. Alone in my bedroom calling my neighbor over and over again. I forgot her phone doesn’t ring it only vibrates. So when her cell isn’t in her hand she’s not gonna know if she’s receiving an incoming […]

Mind Dump…

So, I can’t recall if I’ve written about me getting ripped me off for $400. Yes! You read right. $400! They had some really nice, expensive furniture for sale. They letting me get the pieces I wanted for a deal. I gave them one of my debit cards (not linked to my bank), with the […]


I chose this topic because I’m a 39-year-old female married to a man 20 years her senior. I’ve learned lots of wisdom from this remarkable man, my husband. Greg A. P. Sr. (Not to be mixed up or confused with his son. They share the same name. A half step-son that is 2 yrs older […]