There I am

Sometimes I feel like my mind is a deep, dark forest. With anxiety setting in I realize I’m lost in the middle. Not being able to find my way out, I start to panic and my breathing becomes rapid. I look up at the huge trees towering above my head. They’re branches swaying with the […]

Continuing On . . .

Hey Sis, I know your happy and nothing is goin wrong up there. Wish it was the same for me down here. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote you to update you on how things have been going with your neice and nephew. Oh, and Momma. How she misses you still as much as […]

Why I’m Worthy of Forgiveness …

I had an assignment given to me last week during my 1-on-1 session with my counselor. The first letter she wanted to write to myselk was about forgiving myself. Reason bein was because when she asked me if it made me fell better? I was honest and said to her in response to her question […]

Nothing except pain

For the past week, give or take a day or two. I have felt nothing but pain. Greg and I went out to get a sandwich. I can’t eat without knowing I have a dental pick close by. Because I can’t stand when food gets in between these two specific teeth on my upper left […]

Part 2: Forgiving Yourself …

WARNING: What your about to read contains drug abuse content. I do not want to trigger anybody so please if easily influenced by such talk, I do not recommend that you read this. So with the ripple having been formed that specific day, it only snowballed from there. I wasn’t on her mental plain of […]

Part 1: Forgiving Yourself …

WARNING: There are a lot of ‘trigger’ words in what you are fixing to read. Just being sure to give a heads-up in case you’d rather not read about someone else’s drug use. How’s that for an eye catcher of a title? Last week at my session with my counselor. She’d given me an assignment […]

Good Morning All

I told myself yesterday I was gonna start trying to come to work a lil early. That way I could do whatever I like doing before work in the mornings, and I wouldn’t be late. Thats pretty much why I’m late anyways. Because I’m doing something creative like writing, coloring, or drawing to express my […]

Time, time, time …

Something it seems no-one ever fucking has enough of. So serious. Hurry to do that. Hurry to do this. Hurry and get ready for work. Make sure you have everything you need. I’m always forgetting stuff at work. Phone charger, purse. Random shit. It’s when you’re in this flurry of action that you end up […]

Karma – Is Very Real…

I wonder how many ppl actually believe in karma. I just know I do. 100% I’ve done some wrongs in my life, and i’ll be damned if karma doesn’t always make her appearance to take a huge bite outta my ass cheek. (seeing that my ass is flat enough already, I can’t afford to keep […]

“Things That Make You Go, Hmm…”

I sometimes sit back and just pay attention to my surroundings, and the other people around, if any. I hear bits and peices of others conversations, and can’t believe half the bullshit they are spitting out of their mouths. I can say it’s bullshit because it’s people I know, and I know 100%, with everything […]