Hello. I’m Tina Peck

I’ve always loved to express myself through writing. Mostly, poetry and journaling to start with. Then over the years, it’s turned out to what made choose to create my personal blog and website. Personally, I have never been good at expressing myself verbally. That was/is the hardest for me to do. I always felt I said the right things, just the wrong way. I began journaling at a very young age. It was something I was very good at. Sometimes the words would ‘POP’ off the pages I read. It was great. Naturally I began writing more and more here and there. Throughout the years. When I knew I could keep the pages together I’d call it my diary. I really wanted to start blogging. Finally I found out how to create my own blog. I was welcomed right into the blogging community through WordPress.com. I’m self taught while still creating it. It’s still in the editing process. I want to make it look like it just pops off the page and reaches out to grab the attention of any and hopefully all viewers. I might be doing some things out of order. But hey...I’m doing em!!!

Starting on Facebook :

I got the idea to start my group on Facebook. While surfing through there realizing that I could create my own group. I was like, “What better way to start than creating my own group here using their platform?” So that’s where I started out. It has grown to over 100+ people. Whom all share their daily struggles with their addiction or just whatever maybe bothering them that day.

I have Years of Experience with Therapy

Host & Administrator of SafeSpace

I am now the author/editor and owner behind the lovely created SafeSpace.
(2020 – 2022)

The thought began to form
(2018 – 2019)
After being released from prison I wanted to do something. I wanted to help people. Exactly what it was I was going to do wasn’t set in stone yet. That’s why this ideal, is now what it is today. Not only did I create the SafeSpace group on Facebook. I’ve made my own SafeSpace website, and started my personal blog.

I can only continue to move forward with my passion and desire to help others like me, and those who aren’t like me. I love a diverse group of people to speak to. I’m very open minded, and will talk to you about whatever it may be that’s bothering you in the moment. Shout me an email or message on messenger through Facebook. Can’t wait to help. Waiting patiently for people to contact me. I’m here always.