There I am

Sometimes I feel like my mind is a deep, dark forest. With anxiety setting in I realize I’m lost in the middle. Not being able to find my way out, I start to panic and my breathing becomes rapid. I look up at the huge trees towering above my head. They’re branches swaying with the breeze, I find myself moving side-to-side with them wishing I were as tall an full of life. Shaking the hypnotic sway of the trees from my head I look more closely at my surroundings and notice there are pieces of things I’ve written posted here an there dotted along many of the pathways i could choose to walk down. But did I really want to take that stroll down memory lane? Facing the things I’ve chosen not to remember, the things I buried on purpose?

No. I decide I do not want to refresh my memory on such horrid thoughts about such things, terrible things, that have happened to me.

So, I look for a way to make a brand new path. One filled with new precious memories. Of a sober minded me enjoying all life has to offer. Especially with my family. I am now the Proud New Grandma to my very first grandchild. His name is Lukah (meaning – Light). At just 3 months, he weighs a bit over 13lbs. Handsome man he is. Had my heart from the start.

My family is so proud of me and for that I’m forever grateful. It’s not easy being good. Some may laugh but it’s so true.

I know it is for me. How about you?

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