My Motivation is Back!!!

I don’t quite remember if I’ve posted a blog about me feelin stuck in a rut when it came to me workin on the book I’m tryin to write. Well, I told myself to open it up and look over the things I had already written but only as possible ideas to add to the story or not. The next thing I know I’ve googled on how to add the backstory of the characters lives without overloading the reader. Therefore, causing them to become disinterested. I suddenly realised I opened the docs on my Chromebook and began rearranging the content & structure an timeline of the events I’m trying to organize that are happening in real time even though it’s a fictional story.

I know how to do what I’ve been attempting to do this whole time. I just momentarily got stuck with what other people would call writer’s block. I’m back bitches and writing like it’s going outta style. I’ve numbered the pages of what I’ve got written so far and I’m right at 50 pages. And all of the stuff I’ve written is straight off the top of my head. I noticed, not sure of exactly when, that when I try to plan what I’m gonna write, then it doesn’t come together as well as it does when I’m free writing. Whew! I hope that made as much sense to you as it does to me writing it to try and explain the problems I’m dealing with. But that I’ve also (somehow) managed to keep in check.

The past couple of days I have been stuttering badly whenever I’m speaking. No matter what about or whom I’m speaking to. It just happens at the most inconvenient times. Like it happens when I really wanna talk about something I want others to know my opinion on. Because if inside of me, I can relate to what’s being talked about, and I’ve experienced it, I feel I can share my experience with them on whatever it’s about. But when I’m talking about nothing serious and shooting the shit with someone, I don’t have problems with my stuttering when it’s nothing important.

In a sense I’m glad I can write when I can’t talk. My brain seems as if it’s going too fast for my mouth to keep up with so when I try to talk as my mind is thinking of all the shit it wants to get out, my mouth trips me up every time. It’s frustrating as hell. If you suffer from some of the same weird ticks I’m talking about then I don’t have to elaborate on it any further. It sucked.

Well, I just woke up and it’s only going on 7am. My son woke me up at almost 6am. Even though I’m off from work I wanted to be up early and not waste my days off sleeping. I’m gonna go ahead and post this so I can get back to tending my book I’m writing.

I hope everyone has an awesome and blessed day.

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