Still blocked

I don’t know why I still have yet to pick up writing on the book I was working on. When I started writing it, I took off with it having no problems at all. Now though, it’s like I’m stuck on the second chapter unable to move further ahead. I’ve been thinking about several ways in which I could continue with it where I left off. But for some reason, unknown to me, I still have yet to make a go at it. Nothing is holding me back from doing so. I just haven’t attempted it. I have plenty of distractions that’s for sure, though.

My daughter called me yesterday evening and her puppy is doing wonderful. He’s made a considerable comeback from being sick with Parvo. He’s a pit bull and only just now 5 months old. Very much still a puppy. Now that he’s not sick no more he’s made her get him new toys and brand-new food and water dishes. I’m guessing since now that he’s better he can probably smell the contamination from the Parvo on those old toys and on his old food and water dishes. It was not at all a problem for her to do for him. Plus, him no longer being sick has helped with her depression majorly. She was down in the dumps bad watching him die. When her neighbor found out their puppy was sick with Parvo, they gave her the remaining medicine they had from when their dog was sick with the same thing. That medicine along with her love and affection in feeding him and giving him Electra lights has bounced him right back to the puppy he was before his sickness.

While I’m talking about good news, my grandson went to his two-month check-up and is flourishing. He weighs 13lbs already you guys. I can’t wait to pay a visit to them, so I can spend some much-needed time with her and him. I guess that would also be a good time to get to know my future son-in-law also. I know he’s a good guy, I just don’t know much about him. If that makes sense. Well, that’s all I have to talk about this morning that I can think of. Until next time.

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