There's nothing more frustrating than knowing you have money coming but not knowing when you'll receive it. I think that's bugging me more so than when I'm waiting on payday to roll around. Getting paid bi-weekly can be a drag, yes. But when you're waiting on the government I feel that it can frustrate me even more. For fact number one, it's the fucking government. For fact number two, they still haven't sent my state refund from last year which is over $500. I do recall that there were some scammers out heavy last year. People were so desperate for money figured taking other people's money would be a quick fix. So, when I got a letter in the mail that asked me to verify my identity from the IRS, I threw it in the trash. I was even called and warned about what had been happening, and that others had actually been scammed. Their hard-earned money was stolen from them before they ever knew it was a fraudulent scam.
     When I went to file for this year I made sure to ask the tax specialist about that specific time last year when all that had been going on. I asked her if they still had to give me the money I never received from when I had filed. When she told me that, yes in fact they had to give it to me because it was money I worked for, and it was mine. I felt a little relief wash over me. My next question was: How would I go about getting in touch with them so that I could get my money? You guys it was as simple as having her place the call on my behalf and doing it for me. And in doing so, it could be done a lot quicker. I just had to come back another day that was convenient for me and if there was a specialist available to make the call they'd do so. I'd be more than waiting if they were preparing someone's taxes. Then I'd be seen and taken care of next. I was actually shocked the answer seemed as simple as that. When I filed the year before and asked another specialist within the same building, why couldn't the person I asked then have told me the same thing? Because had they of told me it was so simple I'd have already gotten back my money I've been trying to obtain since then.
     I'm recently a new grandma and I know in my heart that my daughter and her fiancé are struggling a little at the moment. When I do receive my refund I intend to send her a nice amount of it to help them get things for their new home and the things I know she's gonna need for my grandson. I can't believe he's going on 3 months old already. Shits crazy how time flies, and you don't really notice it until one day it's just noticeable. How I just said my grandson was already going on 3 months old. I caught myself looking back on the videos I took right after he was born. It seemed like last week he was born. Now when I see him bright-eyed and curious about his surroundings. It just blows my mind at how much he's grown in such a short time. That and how much of his growing I have missed. But only because my daughter moved to another state to start her life. It brings tears of joy to my eyes thinking of how much of a grown ass woman she is now. And a momma to boot. She has made me so proud.
     Another reason I can't wait to get my damn refund is, so I can renew my site that is currently 2 days overdue. I don't know what I'll do if I lose my site. I'm not entirely sure how that works. I do know that I don't want to risk even taking the chance. Oh! Let's not forget I still have to order my husband his belated birthday gifts as well as a belated Valentine's Day gift. He got me this new Chromebook I'm using right this moment for my Valentine's Day. I already know a variety of different things he's wanting or has been wanting for some time now. So, my intentions are to make him as happy with his presents as he's made me with mine. Come on tax return. Tina needs you now more than ever!   

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