Frustrated As Fuck

I don’t know what the fuck my husband was on this morning but he either wasn’t all the way awake, or wasn’t fucking thinking! I can tell you that much for damn sure. He came an woke me up setting my coffee on my tray. He made sure I was awake before walking out. A few minutes later he yelled out to make sure I was getting up. I yelled back that I was trying and asked if he would bring my medicine to me. He walks back in there again and sets it down on my tray. He knows my hands do not work in the moring. So I asked him if he’d open it for me. He had walked to the door-way then turned around an asked if he could drink his coffee first. Like, your right there. Why can’t you just open it for me ya know?

He just keeps on walking back to the living room completely ignoring the fact that I asked him to open my medicine for me. A few minutes later I heard his text tone sound off from a received message. He said to me, “Sandra needs a ride to work”, (my neighbor & bestie). And I was thinkin to myself ok (?). That ain’t got shit to do with me askin for your help with my meds. So, I told him if he didn’t wanna get out right then (because he just woke up too) just tell her an she’d understand. I’ll be a mf if he didn’t tell me, “Honey she ain’t got a ride and she’s running late. I’ll be right back”.



He’s seriously got his priorities messed up on who the hell should come first! I’m not mad at her. It wasn’t her fault he decided to choose right then to be awake and on point. Yet here I was, his WIFE! Still laying in the bed. Who was now very frustrated with him. I was askin myself, ‘He couldn’t open my medicine while in the same fuckin room with me? But he’s suddenly awake enough to drive his big ass truck next door to pick her up and drop her at work? It’s only like 7 miutes down the road but still. I know every woman that reads this will most certainly agree with me.

My son had been awake and heard me venting to myself after he’d left. He came back here to my room and my mouth was open lost like a mf. Not believing he jus fucking really did that. But oh how he did. I asked my son if I was the only one who was bum fuzzled by wtf he just did? Or well, ‘didn’t do’ in this case? He agreed with me an heard it all hisself. He asks for a cigarette and goes back to his room.

I’m in my head having swirling thoughts of what I was gonna say about it to him when he got back. I most definately was gonna address it. I knew that off top! He literally lit a fire under my ass and I hadn’t even wiped all the sleep out my eyes yet! I mean come the fuck on! Seriously Greg? It’s not long before he’s back and walkin through the front door. I hear his footsteps coming towards the bedroom. I was sitting up and had already gotten dressed for work myself (which he wasn’t expecting). I had my son open my medicine for me while he was gone doin his good deed for the day.

He walks into our room and tries to strike up a conversation. I cut him off and told him (in a playful voice) not to talk to me. He looked dumb founded and of course asked why. But you guys I swear if I knew how his reaction was gonna come out I’d not of tried to make a joke about it. Because let me tell you, he sure asf went from being cool, awake an chatty fuckin caddie. To mad an acting defensive. (No nothing happened you guys. Sorry for the spoiler alert. She’s really my friend) I was confused like a mf you guys! It was serious but funny at the same time. Because he was all saying these little smart ass comments such as, I just won’t take her to work no more. Shit like that. I yelled out to him don’t he dare do that to her. He knows she don’t have any transportation and is kinda dependent on us for that right now. Plus, she didn’t do shit wrong. I told him I also wasn’t accussing him of shit other than not putting me first. Something as simple as opening my medicine before he set it down and walked out over getting hisself dressed and shoes on and shit to take her to work.

I swear he did NOT pick up anything I was putting down. Trying to get him to actually understand wtf I was saying and why I was saying it. But you guys he was the burnt light bulb this morning. My son even came back in here and I asked him if there was a different way I could tell him so he’d understand. Looking me in my eyes you guys, he told me no. Not that he could think of. It was pretty self explanitory I thought. So much for thinking huh?

So that’s how my morning got kicked off. Only to carry on throughout the rest of the day at work with everyone being at each others throats. Just a crabby day in general I guess. Anyway I finally got that outta my head. Whew!

I’ve been struggling with my writing lately. I could use some positive encouragement from all my fellow bloggers honestly. So if you’ve read this, please give me a like an a follow as a show of support. Hell, you can even leave me a comment. Have a good night you guys.

Drop The Mic . . . I’m out

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