Lukah Neal Spees

If I could go back in time to when she was this young, I’d have made sure to cherish her like this even more. Now she’s a grown woman, fixing to be a wonderful mother herself.
We are two of the bestest friends and couldn’t look much more alike. Twinning!
Absolutely Beautiful!
I couldn’t be more happy for her.
Now at the end of her trimester, she’s all belly. My grandson is gonna be a chunky butt. I can’t wait to meet him.

I still can’t believe I’m bout to be a Grandma! I’ve picked my chosen Grandma name which is gonna be GG. I was blessed when I came home from work Tuesday, because when I walked into my bedroom, they’re lay my beautiful daughter, Mercedes Marie. She asked me to bring her some gravy from breakfast, and Chicken tenders, from lunch. I said, ok. I got you. I can’t to work at 6am, message a side of gravy for her before we stopped breakfast so she’d have the gravy. Well time comes for me to have to leave, I cook the chicken tenders, and I walk to fronjt line to bag her order, reach for the gravy and it wasn’t there. Someone threw her gravy away. I swear you’d have thought I was the one pregnant. I got so mad and I started bitching. Everyone was like what’s wrong, so I said who the my daughter’s gravy away? Because I told the people working front line but to throw it away. Man I was salty as hell. But when I got home my daughter said she had heart burn and couldn’t eat the tenders anyways. When I told her how I bitched about them throwing away hey gravy, she laughed so hard. It ended up being a good rest of the day. Truly Blessed

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