My Future Grandson Lucah!

These pics are of my grandson. 3d ultra sound. Now compare these pics of him to her baby daddy.
This is my daughters baby daddy when he was a baby.
He’s perfection
Ladies and gentleman, I’m honoured to introduce you to my grandson Lukah, (meaning light) 💡
My daughters big belly. Due Date is 2-2-2022. But i think he’s going to come early.

I’m was at first scared got her. But she handled it way better than i ever thought she would. Thank God. I was so worried she would get so depressed but she hasn’t been yet. Surprisingly. The daddy has been so confused. One minuet he’s okay and excepting, the next he’s in denial and don’t want nothing to do with the baby. He’s young still. Both kids. Pray for them to remain clear headed and have the patience to be the parents I know they can be.

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