Man if I could describe a day in my life right now the title for this post would be exactly that!! UGH!! There emotions in me want nothing but the best in life for everyone. Family included. So why do I feel so bad for having to decide to have my son move out? Let me know day that I give my kids anything they want if I can do it and it’s possible. So how come he can wake me up to ask for a cigarette but can’t wake me up to ask for some weed? I know a lot of people that read this after gonna be like WTF!! But I don’t consider a plant as harmless as that as a drug like mostly everybody does. I’m not handing him meth or Xanax to do. Why he gotta steal from me is my point? It may seem petty to get upset about that but that’s what it is, PETTY!! He works and makes a paycheck jus like me. I baby help it that he don’t got his shit together yet. And me being mom doesn’t help because I do, do for them. Make sense? Yeah I thought so. Gotta go back to work now. Comments always welcomed. Mom in distress here…

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