Messing Around In The Work Place….

I sure would hate to think so. You’d best not be messing round in the work place. How many of you guys out there look forward to going to work? To get away from the drama of your personal life? I’d hate to think not. I live to go to work. Especially when shit is […]

I Hate Arguing

This past Tuesday just moments after my husband woke me up for work I got up with coffee in had and confronted him over what he said to my son in a text message he sent my son the day before. He told him if he couldn’t keep his room clean then he could get […]

It’s A Boy!!!!

This was such a special day for my daughter. I wish I could of been there. It broke my heart I wasn’t feeling up to attending it after my 8 houir shift at work. I was completely drained. I did however catch the video of the reveal. I started crying so hard because I was […]


Here I sit patiently waiting for the clock you tick down to the time so I can go home an curl up in my big comfy bed under the fan and lil window unit air conditioner. Don’t take much to satisfy some old bones wanting to rest. IDK if I’ll pay anything tonight or not. […]

No Comments Yet??

I have finally stepped up and posted my Personal Testimony. Which is a true account of the tragic night I lost my 2 year old nephew and my 26 year old sister. I mean damn I know it’s long. 50 pages to be exact. But I mean I seriously can’t believe that no one has […]

Mentally Exhausted You Guys…

Trying to figure all this website building stuff is so confusing. Block here, remove block there. Font styles, font colors. Background image and color. Insert widget here and what kind. The part that I came to with linking the accounts. OMG!! It was so messy and utterly distracting!! Not through it like that, but […]

Words from my daughter’s mind…

She wrote this poem herself. I have many, many more of her own pieces of work. I just have to find them all to be able to post them. I also make sure she’s okay with me doing that because these are words from her heart when she’s been down and out the hardest times […]

Clinic Time

On my way to the clinic for much needed support and group therapy. It’s been such a long week, and it’s tried my nerves I’ll tell ya that. I love to write to express my feelings and to tell people about my day and what might have happened that made me either happy, sad, or […]

Good Morning All

I am so grateful to be alive and breathing this morning. We have an awesome God people. Please never forget that. want to talk about something that has been bothering me if i may. Not the whole grandma thing. ‘m over that and have come to accept what it is and what will be. But […]