The ‘SURPRISE’ I got in group today!!

Man okay. Today I got dropped off at the clinic I go to and went straight to group. The counselor was talking to us over the internet from Elizabeth town, just going around the room not only getting to know the people, but their stories too. Then before I knew it, as I was finishing […]

Try, Try Again…

Hey you guys. UGH!!! I’m doing my damn hardest to construct my site. To get it up and running. It’s really giving me a headache TO BE HONEST. i EDIT AND MOVE AND DELETE AND UPLOAD. So much to achieve and finish. I feel like I’m failing. I’ll never give up though. So please keep […]

What’s It Gonna Be???

MMM! I have thought this through and through. and I’m pretty sure GG is what I want to be called. I just got off the phone with her because I asked her if I could be in the room with her when she gets her ultra-sound. She said if it’s the irregular kind then “No”. […]

Grandma It Is…

Boy was I ever caught off guard!!! Sorry I haven’t posted In a few days guys!! Here I am guys!! I’m still not functioning 100% all the way yet, but I’ll get there. THIS IS GOING TO BE A VERY SHORT POST. HAVE TO BE UP EARLY. So everyone, it’s official. A grandma I shall […]

Grandma To Be…

Is it really true? YES!! It totally is! So while I was at work yesterday my daughter came by with her dad and she got out and tried to come inside. We had our lobby closed due to the fact that we are short handed. My GM called out to me that my daughter was […]

Aching All Over!!

Man for the past couple of weeks I have been hurting SOOOOO bad and I haven’t done anything different then I normally do. I’m at work right now and the CEO was just here. And of course, don’t you know the general manager went completely nice to everyone. I haven’t done anything wrong to even […]

Writing Hubby a Letter

I have been trying to write my husband a letter for the past week or so, but I haven’t gotten very far. Like at all! My hands have been hurting so bad the past few wks and then here lately my back has been very bothersome. My friend Panda came over last night an hung […]