I really thought yesterday was gonna go by smoothly. Boy was I ever wrong. When I told you guys I was the one who was always getting into trouble for things other people that work there do too, I wasn’t lying. I was 9 minutes late coming back from my break. My GM wasn’t in […]


Hey all! I just now woke up. Apparently I crashed next to her with my arm around her. While she laid on my chest and her arm around me. I had no ideal I fell asleep. We were just chilling and I was listening to her tell me about things she’s been through. I feel […]

Chillin With My Bestie!!

I invited her over when I got home from work. Turns out she needed me just as much as I needed her. I love this woman with all my heart. I swear she’s the only one that truly gets me and all my weirdness. Such relief after a brutal messed up day.

Good Morning All

My husband woke up with my cup of coffee this morning and said to it was 4:30 already. I was like, “What”! Because I like to be up at 4 am so I have plenty of time to get my blogging in. It was really 3:30 am. So I went back to sleep until the […]

I’m Actually Still Awake You Guys!!!

Hey everybody. I said I’d blog after work so here i am. I jumped in the shower as soon as I got home. I needed it so bad. I sweat to death at work man like so bad. I usually have to use at least 2 little blue towels for swat rags because I’m constantly […]

Part 2 of UGH!!

Well as you can see from my lack of remembering to finish posting about the things I needed to get off my chest. I have almost forgot everything I wanted to talk about. Easy how one’s mind can let go of troublesome things. Seemingly not even knowing about it until I was ready to once […]


I can’t seem to win if not for mf losing!! The 2 days before mother’s day were by far the absolute worst. Mother’s Day was no better. Then on my scheduled days off my brand-new Chromebook went out on me. I was tore up about that like, SUPER BAD! The days before while I was […]

Draw More: I Absolutely Must!!

. My Chromebook had shut down and I have to take it back an get another one. Thank an God I have it in my phone. I was off tomorrow but my GM jus called wanting to know if I’d work in the morning. I said yes mam!! I’ll be there. This post or little […]

Another Day, Another $$$$

When I say we were BUSY yeserday morning, that doesn’t even touch it. I arrived at 6 am and then the 7 am person came in and from then until a little after 1 pm we we’re non-stop. I asked to know what the sales for breakfast were but the shift manager didn’t know. I’m […]