I am completely and utterly obscessed with my new site and the fact that I can write posts on the daily. One of these days I’ll get this technology stuff figured out and I’ll be able to uplaod my personal testimony I jus finished bout a month ago and be able to share it wit […]

Me & Minnie Me

She was fixing her hair and I had jus brushed my teeth. We were goofing off all day that day. When I say that I’m so glad that God has given me another chance at redemption, I mean exactly that. He didn’t have too tho you know? I’m surprised He always allowed me another breath […]

Work Life

I have been up since 4am this morning and made sure to completely charge this brand spankin new laptop I jus got yesterday. Absolutley in love with it ppl you guys hearing me? I have to go post more on my break.