UGH!! Another Bad MF Day

I showed up this morning to work and told myself it was going to be a good day. I arrived at 6am and we were short handed again. The new guy no-call-no-showed 3 days in a row so he’s now fired. Most companies wouldnhave fired him after the first one. Anyways, my one crew member […]


I’ve been having these light headed spells off an on all day at work. Well I’m almost done with the prep I have to do an I got light headed again and felt I was about to pass out. So I dropped into a squatting position an put my head down until the feeling passed. […]

UGH!! I can’t win for losing

So as I’ve posted in some of the last few blogs, I’ve had the worst wk ever! “Flow” can leave any mf time she wants, jus sayin. I’m so sore all over my body because I promised BabyGirl (my dog) that I’d walk her in the backyard if she did a trick for me. She […]


so the day started off with me being alkmost an hour late for work this morning. Then when I do get here we are3 short handed. No surprise there either. The day actually ran pretty smoothly. After my 30 min break I came inside an one of my managers was in the dry stock area […]

Ugh!!! Said I to everyone…

When I got off work yesterday and I got in the truck, my husband started off by telling me he’s paying this “little girl” to clean our house. Since my daughter was in the truck that’s automatically the “little girl” he was referring to. I was all kinds of confused. I was also already in […]

Random Thoughts…

I just had my husband deliver some doughnuts to work. I told everyone yesterday I would bring some in but I was running behind this morning an forgot to stop an get them before I got here. Then one of my loving managers came to backline and tried giving me a guilt trip. Lol! So […]


I’m starting to wonder if anyone can even leave a comment, or like my site yet. I have had some views from all over the world. However not one of the few views I recieved have left any comments or likes. I know I’m brandnew to the blogging community, but I still am reaching out […]